About Linda V WRIGHT

Texas is where I first saw the light of day in 1948, and it will remain forever in my heart. My mind travels back on a daily basis to those dusty and cactus scattered plains of West Texas. However, in the summer of 1978, I packed my boots and boarded a plane for Paris, France. A simple case of wanderlust and a curiosity for a new way of living would be the best explanation for such a move. I thought to stay three months, but alas for better and some intermittent moments for the worse, I still reside here. The love affair continues…….for awhile longer.


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I have a few articles of clothing in my wardrobe that give me the same feeling of comfort that I find upon arriving home after a long voyage. My velvet jacket feels like home to me. It is a bespoke jacket made some eighteen years ago in chocolate silk velvet by Henry Poole on Saville Row in London. The date is written on the inside pocket lest I forget. It was actually a suit, but I outgrew the matching velvet trousers a few years ago. Not to worry as...