Texas is where I first saw the light of day in 1948, and it will remain forever in my heart. My mind travels back on a daily basis to those dusty and cactus scattered plains of West Texas. However, in the summer of 1978, I packed my boots and boarded a plane for Paris, France. A simple case of wanderlust and a curiosity for a new way of living would be the best explanation for such a move. I thought to stay three months, but alas for better and some intermittent moments for the worse, I still reside here. The love affair continues…….for awhile longer

A quick look over those last 38 years warrants special mention to several areas in the fashion world, but I will mention only one. Working for Ralph Lauren changed my life. My experience working in the creative department, allowed me to learn and grow in several directions.

My most valuable lesson? Accepting my own individual style. I left to start my own brand and never looked back.

In the ever changing and versatile world of fashion, I do believe I have stuck to my simple roots philosophy. Jeans make up the most of my weekly wardrobe along with an unending supply of shoes, scarves, tee’s and cashmere. Oh, OK, throw in some earrings if you will!!! That’s it. We’re done. I’m dressed.

Blogging is a responsibility, and I have shown myself to be a master of inconsistency. However, you are always on my mind, and I would like to try and be a better friend to my readers. I have so much I want to share with you. Remember…….My heart is as big as Texas!!!