Velvet Jackets and Jeans

I have a few articles of clothing in my wardrobe that give me the same feeling of comfort that I find upon arriving home after a long voyage. My velvet jacket feels like home to me. It is a...

Mood of the day

"When I get up in the morning, I actually look for one particular article in my closet that I am going to feel confortable with for the day..."

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No Moral Lessons...... Just Talking With You

I am not a religious person. I do not adhere to any organized religion or any political party. NONE. However...

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Classic or Modern Traditional......The same or different?

My love affair with fashion has slowly taken a turn in a different direction….

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Hello Is it me you are looking for?

I don’t know why these things happen!!! I bought a new computer, and it spent the winter hating me. Seriously, I am not...

Too Many Thoughts and Too Many Places to Go

Indeed, too many thoughts. That has always been a problem I have encountered. My mind goes in a million...

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Jean Skirts Forever and Ever

About 30 years ago, I was in a vintage shop in The Hamptons……Long Island. The Iconic Lauren Hutton was...

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So What’s New With You?

Oh, yea…Here we go again. No more empty promises. Not even to myself. Especially not to you.

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Cream, Ivory, Off White, Egg Shell, and Butterscotch!!! | Linda V Wright

These pictures were taken earlier in the spring in front of the Grand Palais in Paris. One of those...

The Winter of My Disenchantment | Linda V Wright

I could talk about it or I could just get on with my blogging. Some six months later.Mentally and ...

Modern Day Princess……..Leily

Our fair Leily……..a modern day Princess. She was quick to capture my attention. We have...

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Meanwhile Back in Marrakech

How can I explain my absences on my own personal blog? I ask myself this question several...

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Madame Dupagne

Odile Dupagne is a very french name, and Madame is very french. Make no mistake about...

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Summer Blues #3

Did I mention Trasierra has a shop? Just an unassuming lovely sunlit room. No signs guiding...

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Summer Blues #2

Honestly, I have started writing this post several times and repeatedly wiped away all my written...

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Summer Blues #1

This is the first in a series of posts I will be doing during my week at Trasierra Hotel, which is...

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Beatrice and Charlotte

Once upon a time, there were two little girls. Beatrice and Charlotte…….they are twins. Being...

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Pink and Painters Pants

Pink is my Passion!!! I love Pink. Pink is girly. Pink is pretty. Pink is FOREVER…..

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Don’t Mess With Texas

This is exactly the way Texans feel. Mess with Texas and we will mess with you. Yep, I am Texas born and bred…

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Who's That Girl?

I saw this young lady sitting on the curb taking a break from her job. When I asked if I could take a...

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