ROSE BAKERY makes Paris a better place!!! Yes, surprising as it may seem, I prefer this low profile

Back in Paris, and there is definitely a feeling of autumn in the air. It happens from

one day to the next. Suddenly there is no longer the question, "Will I need a sweater".

Just take it, please. If one is following this blog, as one SHOULD be, one will notice

that Linda is wearing another poncho. Yes, I really do love them. Just so simple and

effortless. My way of dressing!!! Not to say I do not make an effort. I love putting

together my look for the day. I enjoy the process of deciding what I feel like wearing.

In my case it is all about an attitude for the day. Girly, less girly, classic, more today, slim or

more boyfriend baggy....on and on are our choices. At this point in time, I am talking

age here, I do try not to look like my daughters. You see I am 60 and I have two

daughters who are quite young. Late bloomer I was. Tatiana is 18 and India is 27.

Problem is they wear articles that I just I try to style them more for my age.

Typical situation:

Khaki boyfriend baggy jeans........Current/Elliott

Black Cotton T-Shirt.....45 RPM

Black Cashmere Poncho.....Crimson (my shop!!!)

Booties.....Ferragamo Re-edition

Bag.....Chanel 2.55 (The original...different from Chanel classic)

Belt made from black grosgrain with fake diamond buckle.

Make your own by finding fun buckles at your local, well, buckle shop.

Grosgrain you can find easily enough, right? Choose basic colors....beige, grey, and black.

Closing now because I am off to see the third movie in the Twilight series?

Guess what? I do not care about my age. I love Robert Pattison!!!

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