Home Sweet Home

Ft. Worth, Texas is where the West (of the U.S.A.) begins and Ft. Worth is where I was raised.

After, 30 years of life in Paris, France, I am hereby testifying before all mankind, that I left my

heart in Ft. Worth. What a wonderful feeling to go home and feel like it is!!! This is largely thanks to my family of course. Nothing takes the place in the heart of an individual than to

experience the love of their families. Now, I must say, without further delay, thank you to the

cowboys who have remained steadfast and true to their core values over the years. Let's not get

complicated here.....they are simple.....down to earth and genuinely heart warming. I love the way their jeans are perfectly starched and ironed. Yep, pleat down the front, please. There are

no "fashion of the season" lengths for these men. It is and always has been breaking on the

boot. Oh, those boots. More where these came from. See later blog updates, fans. Notice in the picture of my two cowboys, there hats still on the head. No sir, cowboys do not take off their hats when in a restaurant. One exception being when saying hello to a lady. ALWAYS respectful to the women folk!!!

Just a slight taking off and tilting of the hat says it all. I am satisfied. Nope not complicated, gentlemen, just a manly gesture is all we ladies need. Will leave you all with just that image for today. I am back in the City of Lights, but am so very thankful for my summer trip back to

Texas where I am reminded that I am still a lady.

Matia BaroniComment