Club 55 ? What? You have never been?

Club 55 ? What? You have never been? Just kidding here, guys!!!

Actually, I am very fortunate to have discovered this wonderful beach in St. Tropez about 22 years ago. I was working for a french fashion magazine at the time - Femme- it was called. The chief fashion editor decided we should do a summer story based in St. Tropez. Magazine no longer exists, but my desire to return each year is still there. This year I was late in going, but have decided that September is definitely less stressful. You see Club 55 is the place to see and be seen. It is a constant fashion show, and the star watching is unbeatable. So, one needs to be conscientious about one's beach attire. For the ladies it is Eres swimsuits, Pucci coverups, Missoni caftans.....Get the picture? AND please, beach bags!!!

If it is not a "Brand" you have on your arm, girl, wear some Gucci sun glasses to hide your embarrassement. Chanel flip-flops and Zanotti multi-colored stone sandals seem to finish these

fine laid- back beach looks.....Oh My God, girlfriends, I am in such big trouble here. Yes, I do love fashion, but seriously, it must be my roots (Texas remember), because for me there is nothing cooler than a pair of cut off jean shorts, great t-shirt or shirt and my handy carry-all LL Bean canvas tote for feeling I am "it" in the summer. Some people just never grow up.....sophistication seems to avoid me like I will now avoid those "fashionistas"in august.

I have to be honest, though, I love seeing these well turned-out ladies embark on the beach. It nurtures my "voyeur's" soul.

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