makes Paris a better place!!! Yes, surprising as it may seem, I prefer this low profile organic restaurant to the sauce laden dishes of most Paris bistros. Rose Bakery is the answer to my saturday and sunday lunches. I enjoy taking my Mini Cooper and crossing all of Paris from the 8th arrondisement (where I live) to rue Debellyme in the Marais. Rose and her husband Jean Charles have created a haven for those who care about what they eat. No exaggeration, folks.

Fresh organic food and wonderful fruit and/or vegetable juices. Their cakes are as good as they are gorgeous. The mocha soy coffee pictured above is the only coffee I can digest.

I constantly buy the Rose Bakery cook book as a gift to friends. I admire their courage to show the french public an alternative way of eating. Guess what? You have to get there early to avoid the lines. So, the french are not as obstinate about those sauces as we thought!!!

Next posting will be from St. Tropez, where I have decided to treat myself to a late summer weekend. I will be ordering those Tropezienne sandals for all my nieces in Texas. Just like I promised, girls. Better late than never.

Love to You All from a cool autumn day in Paris.

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