Sometimes I feel as though I am a bit of a hypocrite

Sometimes I feel as though I am a bit of a hypocrite, because I regularly give you the impression that the only thing I really like to wear is a pair of jeans and the rest of the fluff of fashion is slightly below me. Yea, well that is so not true. So, I am confessing right now.

I so care and I so want and I so buy, and I am so happy when I CAN and when I do. I have a distinct idea of what makes me feel good when I am dressing. It is an important detail in how my day goes. You know when you are having a bad hair day, well, same thing applies when I feel I am not dressed like me day. Part of my psychological make-up....makes me feel more confident. It is just so easy to spot an individual who knows their personal style and makes it work for them. Could be going against the grain of fashion for the season, but that individual gives us the desire to have their "style". That is called IMAGE. Well, let me cut this short, because obviously there is so much to be said on this subject, and I would love to help you all with finding your own personal style, but I have work to do. I know you all care, so I will tell you of the worst seasons my boutique has experienced in deliveries. Must be orchestrated by that great "Who Gets What and When" production chief in the sky. I must have sinned a lot in the world of fashion this year, because I have been punished beyond punished. Hence, I am off to my boutique to pray that my beautiful sweaters and scarfs will be flowing from the Fed-Ex delivery van today. Let me end this on a high note and tell you the source of this gathering of my favorite things........Purse is a classic Kelly from Hermes, scarf is a gorgeous France meets America (notice the flags) silk square from Hermes, shoes....oh those shoes, hand made from John Lobb (Hermes), RED socks from my shop Crimson, beautiful vintage shirt from Hilditch and Key and stolen from my ex's closet (Nope do not regret doing it) and oh, yea, an incredible pair of vintage Levi's (so short that my great red socks show). My coat is a covert cloth english classic hand made by Henry Poole in London (notice my red lining).

I felt so good wearing these to brunch on sunday at Rose Bakery. A girl in the check-out counter said I looked pretty. I actually believed her!!! Love to You All, Linda

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