Black is Back

Coat Balenciaga Re-edition

Cashmere Scarf Crimson

Silk Top Zara (so inexpensive and 100% silk!!!)

Cashmere Cardie Crimson

Skirt Prada

Black Patent Bow Belt Prada

Silk Stockings Crimson

Boots - re-edition Ferragamo

Bag by Nina Ricci

Pearl Earrings Cartier

Girls, have to tell you something. From age 50 to 60, I refused to wear black. Do not know why but just could not do it. I felt really weary when trying....seriously, I felt as though I looked tired. So, I went into mourning and decided to bury black for life. Honestly thought it was over and swore to never wear black again. Never say is back for me and I am feeling even a little addicted.

It is tricky though. Black can be uniform can be, I need a little something to throw it off, and then I don't feel so sad. Remember Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children singing that song? Always loved it!!! Right, back to fashion. So, ladies, today I thought I pulled off the black look pretty well. Tell me what you think. By the way, I am feeling so weird about the "zero comments" category on my blog. Other bloggers get lots and lots of comments. I feel as though I am letting you down. It is so obvious that I am so jealous of those bloggers who incite written thoughts from their audience. My blog master said maybe my audience does not understand how to do it. How dare her talk about you like that. She does not even know you. Anyway, if you would like to and did not understand how to, here is how it works. Underneath the posting is written COMMENTS or COMENTAIRES. Just click on that and give me your thoughts. Afterall, I do keep giving you mine. If all else fails, send it by e-mail and I can add it on to the comments section. That way, I will not feel so sad.....

I must face reality here, I am so soliciting communication from my readers. Is that normal or am I feeling totally ignored here? e-mail:

Another thing I swore I would never do again.....cover up my grey hair by going blonde again. I have done it several times. Always searching for that college color.

Two years ago, David Mallet, who is my hair guru in Paris said, "Linda, just do it. Go ROCK. Go BLOND!!! It's just hair. It will grow back. Yea, O.K., David, but what about my not wanting to hide my "natural" aging and just being honest? I believe his exact words were, "Screw It". So he cut my hair short,really short and I became a 100% peroxide blond. India and Tatiana, my two daughters hated it. My dentist, totally handsome Fred, hated it. I felt good for about two weeks and then decided it was all over. So two years later here I am back to my natural color....greying at the temples. I actually like it and am so happy not to wince when I have not had those "touch ups" and notice people noticing my grey hair. So there you have it. My ups and downs with nevers and forevers. My grey hair is forever. I see David in two weeks time. I'm scared, because I so love wearing the black I swore I would never wear again. Wait!!! Let's see....maybe some highlights. I owe myself a "try on"!!!

Je vous embrasse, Linda

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