My New Friend Flint

His name is Flint Chabannes de Balsac and he is a Griffon Korthals. I just met him yesterday and I love him already. Life is funny that way. Just when you are least expecting it, someone new and wonderful walks into your life. Just so happens he is not available. He is lucky enough to have been adopted by one of the most loving families I have ever had the priviledge to know.

I recently heard the expression that " what is most important is not to be successful IN life but to be successful WITH your life. AH HA!!! All inclusive I would say. So, Flint, my friend, I nominate you as the dog most likely to succeed!!!

Cashmere Coat Arthur and Fox

Cashmere T-Shirt Crimson

Cashmere scarf Crimson

Military Green Pants Current and Elliott

Cashmere socks Crimson

Cotton Velvet shoes Massaro

Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere!!! Boring? Never!!! I must take a trip to Mongolia one day as that is the source for most of the world's cashmere. However, afterwards this beautiful fiber makes its way around the world to different manufacturers. The fabric in my coat is Italian,

my scarf was hand woven in the province of Kashmir, my t-shirt straight from Scotland. Actually, I am the proud designer of this t-shirt. Its just an easy piece to accompany anything else you feel like wearing. I cut it close to the body so there is no bulk under a jacket or another sweater. The finishing is like a t-shirt....instead of ribbing....I have it hemmed. It is the type of garment that "dresses up or dresses down". Let's face it, you can take it anywhere!!! I wonder if I had a dog like Flint, could I take him everywhere. Must do some research on that one........

Hope your day is to start somewhere......with love Linda

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