Seriously, one should not have to chose one of these desserts

Seriously, one should not have to chose one of these desserts. To even start a process of elimination is heart breaking. So, I opt for the easy way out and just take pictures.

Believe me for the first few years of living in France, I indulged myself greatly. French desserts are works of art. Beautifully made and wonderful to eat. I am now going to disappoint you, as I am incapable of describing the ingredients and the names of these wonders. I am not a cook in any form or fashion and will admit great ignorance in writing about anything to do with food forms. How can I put this? Seriously? I think we all needed a break from looking at fashion and personally, I find these glass pots of cream with wafers and chocolate sprinkles, or

those whipped up mounds of chocolate mousse, or even better yet, those fresh raspberries with french wafer fingers (I think that is what they are called), and last but not least the religieuse au chocolat with lavender icing to die for. Pretty and poetic. So, there you have it friends and family, my contribution to your knowledge of french cuisine!!! Please do not quote me on any of the above terminology..... just wanted to brighten your day in a sugary way.

Sending love to you all from Paris, Linda

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