Velvet Jacket bespoke by Henry Poole in London

Velvet Jacket bespoke by Henry Poole in London

Cashmere Sweater by Crimson in Paris

Striped T-Shirt 45RPM

Cashmere Gauze Leopard Scarf by Crimson

Red Ballerina Shoes by Prada

Personal Name Bracelet made at Bendel's NYC

Ivory and Sandalwood Bracelets by Luis Morais in Miami

Gold and Amber Ring by Ibu Gallery in Paris

Bag by Balenciaga

Jean by Ralph Lauren Collection

Beautiful sunny sunday in Paris, and I just went out for my favorite treat.....Yep, mocha soya coffee at Rose Bakery and then stopped by to pick up the latest newspapers. I am staying in today.

Last week was fashion week in Paris, and I am exhausted. In fact, what I did was visit exhibitors

to compliment my own production for Crimson. I look for articles I do not and will not ever

manufacture myself. This was buying season for Spring/Summer 2011. I was underwhelmed with the choices. I always visit these salons (as they are called), because if nothing else, I will see what I definitely would not like for my shop. I take this all very seriously, because I truly do respect my customer and want to provide something pretty and with the quality they deserve.

It is very difficult to be a single specialty shop in today's fashion world. It is the major brands that have the true staying power. One by one the individualy owned boutiques seem to be disappearing. So, I try to keep up with what is important in today's modern fashion world...

one has to stay "current", and on the other hand, I like that my place is to still provide the most beautiful classic cashmeres to be found. I am special....I am cashmere is made by

caring hands in Scotland.

What I chose to wear to Rose's today are like second skin for me. My velvet jacket was made to measure (bespoke as the english say) by a wonderful tailor on Saville Row in London...Henry Poole. I have been wearing it for about 10 years now. It still looks great teamed with the pants I had made to match or mixing it with my latest purchase in jeans - Ralph Lauren Collection.

My t-shirt comes from one of my most favorite places to shop since about 10 years. 45RPM.

I first discovered them in NYC and now they have a shop in Paris. My bag is Balenciaga, and once again I have carried it for about 6 years. I love keeping pieces that feel right season after season of having them in my closet. Now, for those bracelets. I LOVE collecting bracelets. Maybe one day I will post pictures of my bracelet collection. Strangely enough, certain jewelry makes me feel a little toooo classic....a little toooo old. So, I opt for less serious jewelry. Having said that I am lucky enough to have some beautiful pieces by Buccellati of Italy. I will wear those later this week when I am not so tired.....I need energy and the right attitude for those "proper pieces". Hoping your week will be a healthy and productive one.

Special thoughts for you, Linda

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