Vintage Point of View

Fur Jacket Vintage Pierre Balmain

Hermes Silk Scarf (Gala Bridles design 1957)

Cashmere Twin Set Crimson

Levi Vintage Jean

Vintage Pirate Boots by Vivienne Westwood

Sunglasses Chanel

Bag Chanel Classic

Pearl Earrings Cartier

Yes, I know!!! Enough already with the old jeans....I wish I could stop. Truly I do, but it's just a Texas habit that makes me feel good. My best friend is my jean, my partner in crime as it were.

On the other hand, this vintage fur jacket is something I bought in a Paris auction house about 15 years ago. Believe it or not, I never worn it until last year. One day I put it on and felt like Carrie from Sex and the City. You know a quirky mix....gave me kind of a jaunt in my step. So,

as today was the first real day of cold weather in Paris, it was just the right thing to keep me

warm. No, it did not make me feel like Carrie today, but I thought the pale grey in the fur looked very pretty with the pale greys and pinks in my Hermes scarf. This I bought for one of my daughters a few years ago thinking she would understand where I was coming from.

The result being she has never even tried to wear it!!! Didn't and doesn't get it, my dears. I am not worried, because one day she will reclaim what is rightfully hers and enjoy it. This particular design from Hermes originated in 1957 and remains even today as the most popular silk scarf sold. My twinset is from my shop. A basic for Crimson. I did it in chocolate, flannel grey and black. I want all three!!! Just when I want to minimize my wardrobe, I go and do something where I want to OWN all the colors.

I had tea this afternoon with my good friend, Joelle, and she was wearing an incredibly well cut (for the city and not for horse riding) black jodphur. Prada of all places.....luckily there is one just down the street from my shop.........won't take me but a minute to see if there is still one left in my size. A jodphur might replace a jean, no? You can always dream!!!

A bientot, Linda

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