Sorry, sorry, sorry

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Been kind of crazed since coming back from NYC. Am writing as if you are all friends or family. Suits me....hope you do not mind. I am finishing up my Spring/Summer 2011 Collection for Crimson.....tying up loose ends for my website re-launch in January. Yes, indeed should have my "boutique on-line" by then. Really excited about that. Am hoping it will be to your liking. Working on the graphics, the clean and clear way to present the collections and obviously the best way to show my cashmere.

My web master is wanting me to do still life pictures or put my knitwear on mannequins. I am balking. Honestly, I like energy when I am looking at clothes. Energy for me comes from the people wearing it. I love attitudes people give when they are dressed. I like the way people inhabit their clothing...........personality.

While in NYC two weeks ago, I was happy to see my daughters both wearing my new berets for this fall and winter. Believe me.....they do not always like what I do. So, I am always happy when I see they adopt an article........

India, on the top photo, bought her great scarf at J. Crew on Madison Ave., and I love the way she paired it with Crimson's Black Beret.

Tatiana wearing the Grey Beret teamed hers with Crimsons Loop Scarf in beige.

With a little luck, maybe I can convince them to help me with my website.....Stay tuned for that one, friends. Talk about energy.....I have a hard time keeping up with them.

xoxo from Paris

P.S. This is their favorite stop in NYC...........hotdog to go from the street Vendor.

Kosher, of course!!!

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