Here Comes Santa Claus

Christmas windows for my boutique are always a little challenging for me, as I am not crazy about putting packages all wrapped up with gold or silver ribbon or bright red boxes crying out it is time to buy Christmas presents. Over the years, I have tried different approaches since I do have so many beautiful items for gifts. It does seem a shame not to give Crimson a festive attitude. This year I was in the mood to dress up my mannequins like modern day princesses. Oh my goodness, you are saying........whatever does she mean. As I love mixing dressy with casual, I decided to show how one can wear a simple cashmere crew neck or a grosgrain trimmed cardigan with a pretty "ballerina girl" skirt. I just went to my local fabric store and bought what was needed to create the skirts. Five meters of red tutu netting and five meters of black tutu netting. Add needed amount of matching satin ribbon for the belt and we are off to a party. I pinned the meters of fabric directly on my mannequins, but with the finished product pleasing so many of my clients, I decided to engage my couturier to make us a few of these skirts for the boutique. Guess what? We now have a waiting list of ladies wanting theirs for the holiday parties. Hopefully Mira, my seamstress will work into the wee hours of the morning to finish on time. It has been so much fun discussing lengths and shoes with the clients. Some want short to wear with high heels, some want long to wear with ballet shoes and obviously there are those who will do the opposite. Personally, I am having mine in black, just below the knee to wear with my new fur lined black motorcycle boots from Jimmy Choo. My cashmere will be a slim fitting black turtle neck. Girls just want to have fun.............

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, Linda

Matia Baroni4 Comments