Spring/Summer 2011 Inspiration Board

So, it works like this. I run around Paris looking for the right accessories (buttons, bows,etc.) to put on my sweaters for spring and then just like magic, I have a collection. Well,HELL, it just does not seem to be working like that. Sorry, for the hell word, but I am so frustrated with myself right now. Sorry to be venting my frustration, but I AM frustrated!!! Normally, I should be in production right now for my spring merchandise. Is not happening!!! Nope, Linda, is still trying to decide if she wants to go with soft pale colors, a simple palette as in black, white and pink, or go Palm Beach with brights like fushia, orange, turquoise. You see, I am a Gemini and I guess from the day I was born, I was meant to be all over the map with ideas. It is not that I am lacking in them, I just seem to pop up with a new one in my head everyday. At some point, I must decide THIS is the direction I want to go in for Spring/Summer 2011. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE this process, but I need to make some decisions. I am so fortunate to have incredible resources in Paris. For gorgeous ribbons in silk, grosgrain, velvet, cotton........and any other beautiful to look at and fabulous to touch trimmings I go to Mokuba. I work with a wonderfully dedicated team. Their enthusiasm inspires me, and their professionalism helps get me out the door and to production on time. Buttons? I have been on the search for "vintage" buttons. So, girls, come spring, your cardigan will have mixed vintage buttons in every shape and size I could find in Paris' endless treasure chest of everything "vintage". I also found a couple who make brooches in enamel and metal with pretty whimsical themes. I have an appointment with them NOW to talk about them making special buttons in pretty colored enamel.........so, out the door I am and off to make another hard decision.......pale pinks or bright pinks? Oh, please, Gods of all things Pretty, help me decide. I want them all!!!

Am I a victim of fashion? Don't care...........nourishes my soul.

Lots of XOXOS to You, Linda

Matia Baroni3 Comments