Cowboy Appreciation Week

Promise Made - Promise Kept

Leddy's is the place to order handmade and personally designed cowboy boots. Ft.Worth, Texas is their address. I have been wandering in and out of this "sacred" place for a great part of my life. I like knowing that when I walk in, I will smell the fresh leather from the boots, belts and handmade saddles. I like knowing that the Leddy Brothers never turn their head away from top quality craftmanship. I like knowing that the people who work there wear their cowboy hats.........felt in winter..........straw in summer. I like knowing that I will hear a "HOWDY, MAM, Can we fit you for some boots today"? Yep, business as usual at Leddy Bros.

Tomorrow you will be priviledged to see some other accessories sold at Leddy's.

Yes, you all guessed it, I am needing a trip back home.

As they would say at Leddy's, "Thanks for Stoppin' In and Have a Nice Day, Mam".

Yes, Sir, I like their Manners.

Matia Baroni2 Comments