Cowboy Appreciation Week

Choice of beers..........Coors

Choice of jeans......Wranglers

Cowboys wear their Wrangler's long enough so they pleat and break nicely on the boot. They are pressed so precisely that the crease is evident the whole length of the leg. Their shirts are starched and ironed to perfection. This is the uniform of the modern day working cowboy.

They seal a deal with a handshake and a straight look in the eye.

On a personal note, I will admit that my Grandmother Pearl was so upset when I moved to Paris those 30 years ago. She had her heart and head set on the fact that I would meet and marry a cowboy and live a happy life on a ranch in West Texas.

She would be so happy to see my appreciation so many years later!!! I'm thinking a road trip across West Texas just might be on my summer agenda........Never say Never............Anyway, I need a new pair of boots.........xoxoxo Linda

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