Cowboy Appreciation Week

Texas is called the Lone Star State.......I love our state flag........I love that it is Red, White and Blue like the American flag. The two side by side are a sight for these eyes........Called out for me to take a picture..........

I have a favorite Ft.Worth coffee shop for breakfast. Cowboys gather really early for their morning coffee and morning chat. Same group sitting in the same chairs around the table they claimed as theirs since the first day they walked in those many years ago. They are as much at home here as anywhere. It is a typical diner where the waitress calls them by their name and refills their cup each time she passes by their table.

Going back home to Texas would not be the same if I could not sit and enjoy watching these cowboys enjoy each others company as if they were all brothers. In a way, I guess they are.

They are authentic.....they are genuine.....they are a breed apart. I love who they are and how they conduct themselves in life. Gentlemen in the true sense of the word.

I will end this Cowboy Appreciation Week with a loving tribute to my brother, Gavin. The truest cowboy I have ever had the priviledge to know.

Matia Baroni1 Comment