Coco Chanel and Me

I have waited 62 years to find the perfume of my dreams. Chanel said every woman should wear perfume or she is not a woman. She said a lot of other stuff, too!!! Another little something I will share with you........."When I am with a man I weigh no heavier than a tiny bird on his shoulder". I think she was trying to say she was not a pain in the derriere. She never married, so not so sure that worked for her......

Anyway, back to the perfume business. I love perfume and have always wanted to find my scent. Problem being I never found one that did not give me a headache. One day while browsing in Au Bon Marche in Paris, I happened upon a beautifully chic perfume display. The brand is called Kilian. Go ahead and Google if you want. The lady in charge was kind enough to give me some samples as I explained my hesitancy to invest right away. So, after 3 months trial, I am the proud owner of my first perfume that I can wear daily. It is a beautiful earthy rose smell. The morning ritual of putting on Rose Oud makes me feel so happy. O.K., yes, I even feel a little mysterious and seductive.........In other words I'm LOVING it.

Je vous embrasse, Linda

Matia BaroniComment