Hello Mr. Schuman

Cannot understand why a relatively new - modern hotel cannot serve their guests with a simple internet connection. When I called reception to complain, they sent up four pages of instructions to follow with options for different problems. Hello!!! Just make it work, please.

They did not and I could not. So 3 days later and safe and sound with my personal livebox. Have just realized what a wonderful relationship we have. I will never take him/her for granted again.

Sartorialist? Yes, of course you know the man behind this. Mr. Scot Schuman. I think he is amazing and I follow his blog on a daily basis. He has an amazing eye and knows style in any and all directions. So, when I saw him in Florence (he was aiming his camera at a good looking Italian man), I decided to introduce myself. A bit embarrassing, but thought anybody loves admiration, right? I called out his name, he looked around and I said, "Mr. Schuman, this is probably the only time I will have this opportunity, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog". Simple as that.......He said thank you and I said goodbye. So, eat your heart out, girls, he is really so very handsome with a great twinkle in his eye.

Every morning before my research at Pitti Uomo, I stop by this wonderful place for coffee. I hate to admit it, but this is the story. It just happens to be the Caffee for the Roberto Cavalli shop. The man behind the best animal prints for clothes. I order two of these delights called "marrachino". Extra FOAMO, please. My italian.....just add an O at the end.

Have a great weekend, Linda

Matia Baroni3 Comments