Paris to Florence

View from my hotel window.

I arrived in Florence today for Pitti Uomo. This is the biggest men's fashion event that is hosted in Florence twice a year. I usually come every January as this is the time to buy for next winter. Um, yes, fashion is a fast game. Just finishing with this winter and now must plan for the next.

Honestly? I love it......gets my mind working overtime. Colors, fabrics, shapes.......gotta decide now what I think the "misters" (this is how my Texas grandmother referred to all gentlemen) would like for next winter.

Eiffel Tower.......last evening's event. My daughter who is now studying in the USA misses Paris terribly and wanted me to do a "tourist" drive for her. As this is always a must see at night, I decided to drive by. I cannot begin to tell you how embarrassed Tatiana was that I would actually stop my car, get out and take a picture like all of the other tourists. When I told her it was for you guys, she said "That is just so cliche'". I continue to say after 32 years of seeing this, "Beautiful and Uplifting". So, sorry, Tatiana, I'm going with it.

Cannot wait to go to my favorite Florentine breakfast place for an incredible cappucino with powdered chocolate sprinkled on top of the cream. Oh, I will take a picture!!!


Matia Baroni2 Comments