Crimson's Website Coming Soon

Crimson's Website is a project that I have undertaken since a few months, and I am in the last days of preparation for launching. Let me admit up front that it was more than I had bargained for. Endless technical details that I cannot begin to understand........but somehow must........I am told. I prefer the "pretty" part. I enjoyed so much preparing for the photo shoots. Luckily, Tatiana was home for a week's vacation from Smith. India signed on for a two day shoot with me instead of a job with her agency. Kifu, who is Tatiana's best friend, generously gave me a day of her time. These three young ladies provided me and my team with hours of work and trying to get it right for the Web. I appreciated their joyful attitude, beautiful faces and total understanding of what needed to be done.

These photos are some I took during the day. I am now awaiting the photographer's rendering and what will eventually be Crimson's first season of selling on-line. Stay tuned for the details of how I am dealing with getting it done............

Have missed talking with you all.......

Here is hoping you have missed me talking!!!

Hugs from me, Linda

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