April in Paris

Having just moved into my new apartment, I am enjoying personalising my space. I guess one could say it is a "Room With a View". I have downsized to the max........meaning I have opted for living in one large room. With my youngest now in college, I am reassessing. This happens with major events such as the last child leaving home. Having been told that I would experience feeling lost and lonely, I decided to change that scenario to "having fun" with changes. Do not get me wrong, I miss her like crazy, but time has come to let her have her independence, and hence, I am taking mine.

My new apartment is on the left bank and just one block from the Seine. When I walk out the door and turn to the right, I have a glorious view of the Seine and the Tuileries just across the way. The Tuilerie gardens are where I run in the mornings. Does that sound a little pretentious? Sorry, not my style, but hey, I am trying to adapt to my new life!!! I now have taken more time to exericise, also.

Meanwhile, spring flowers are appearing in the windows of the numerous beautiful little floral boutiques in Paris, and I am enjoying finding just the right place to put them Chez Moi. Something else new for me is living on the ground floor. Loving it!!! As you see in the picture above, I am trying gardening in Paris. Yes, that is an exageration.........So,yes, I bought some Laurels and some boxwood. In the court yard of my building is a beautiful old tree that seems to be the home of a few singing birds. I had the pleasure of waking up to that new noise this morning. Just wanted to share my Room With a View with you this morning. It is a glorious spring day in Paris.........

xx Linda

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