India and her New Crimson Cardie

Perfect lunch with my darling daughter. What made this a perfect lunch you ask?

Easy Recipe: Lunch at Hanawa included my favorite salade with a wonderful mix of different greens and topped with fresh slices of sashimi (white fish only). Next four pieces of the best salmon ever......melted in my mouth. Numerous cups of green tea and finished off with a beautifully ripe mango.

India then very patiently let me take a few snaps of her look today. I have just received in my shop a new sweater I have been working on for a few weeks.........takes time!!! Loved the way she was wearing it today. Simple fluide grey crepe de chine jacket with her slim fitting cords.

Vintage t-shirt found in London's Top Shop and Oh Those Shoes. Louboutin, of course!!!

That classic jumbo size Chanel doesn't hurt either.......Yep, just the way I like to see my cashmeres worn.......something old, something new...........

xx Linda

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