Out With The Old - In With The New

I loves textures, and I love fabrics, and I love pretty around me. Pretty can mean a million things of course. So, I will not start listing everything I think is pretty. Each to his own in that department. With time my tastes have changed as to how I want to live. These pictures demonstrate a period of time when I collected "things" and bought "things". Auctions were a big part of my life. Decorating with objects were important to me. Well, guess what?

I got over that!!! Now, I want clean, modern and fresh.

So, in a few days I will be posting my new abode. Changing from Right Bank to Left Bank. Right Bank is more Establishment and Left Bank is more artsy I have heard and read. Not true!!! I have been told by the dictators of my new building that I am obliged to paint my front door dark green. Simple as that. Those are the rules in this 18th century building. Did not want to get off on the wrong foot, so I did as told. My only worry now is that they will not accept that I put a brushed chrome door knob and not the brass round thingy that everyone else has.

More on my move next week..........Will take pictures of my scaled down new Left Bank apartment. Wish me luck that I will not be snobbed for my choice of door knobs.

I have my reasons!!! Goes better with the interior. You will see.......

Wish me luck on my move. xx Linda

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