The Bravade of St. Tropez

I tried to buy this skirt from the lady who washed and ironed it at the local Laundry/Dry Cleaning place (only one) in St. Tropez. She just laughed at me. Explaining that these items (she had several she was working on) are handed down from generation to generation. They are entirely hand made and part of a provencal costume worn during an annual parade called the Bravade in St. Tropez. If you Google this, The Bravade is very well explained.

I have always been in love with lace and embroidery. Just so happens this year they are very "A La Mode". Every fashion magazine is dedicating pages of models wearing lace and embroidery. The owner of Le Lavoir.....which means water second generation to take over the meticulous work of making these beautiful vintage pieces come alive. Deedee is a professional and she is passionate about her work. When she agreed to let me photograph them, I felt honored. Her laundry is almost like a private club..........credentials are needed. She does not take on any new customers. I just walk in and admire. Believe me it has taken a few years of going in and saying "Bonjour" and smiling and expressing my upmost admiration for the art and her as the artist to be allowed a few photos.

Well worth it. I am sincere with what I say........Maybe in a few more years, she will actually let me invest in one of those lace skirts. Meanwhile, I will not hold my breath, but I will be back.

You are allowed to lust along with me...........xx Linda

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