Sophie in all her Splendor

Her name is Sophie, and she has amazing style. It is always worth watching.

Sophie is the Parisienne in all her splendor for me. Whether she is dresssing up or dressing down, there is always an attitude about her.

Sophie popped into my shop yesterday looking for a bright pink cashmere to go with her new nail polish. She always has a goal!!! She quickly decided on the men's classic V neck in the gorgeous pink I have done for men this summer. She took a medium (she is a small), because she would like to wear it baggy over shorts or a skirt this summer.

I adored the way she teamed Crimson's classic V neck cardigan in navy for ladies. What a mix!!!

1) Cotton poplin blue striped shirt (loved the navy piping)

2) Silk floral printed pant

3) Leopard print mocassins

There are some people that just brighten your day. For Sophie it is effortless........

SOPHIE, come back and see us SOON!!! We are fans and we love your look.....and looks......

xx Linda

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