Heaven for Me

This pictures says it all. My heaven on earth is as follows:

1) Beach.....in this case Pamplonne (Ramatuelle/St. Tropez)

2)Beach Bag with beach essentials......in this case Goyard

3) Lightweight cashmere sweater......in this case, well, you know!!!

My favorite time to be on a beach is when it is just cool enough, that at any given moment, one needs to slip on a sweater. The feeling of being outdoors with sun, sea and sand under the feet makes me happy. Simple as that.

Presently, I am prospecting places in the sun to spend a few days with my daughters this summer. Have narrowed the choice down to Greece, Spain or Italy. Now, this is so much fun trying to choose the right place for us. So many heavens to discover!!!

Let you know what I decide. Big kiss to you all, Linda