Summer Cashmere Colors

As this was another long holiday weekend in France, I am back in St. Tropez for four days.

I justified the decision, because next week will be grueling for me as I am spending the days with my website master. He will be teaching me how to operate my e-commerce.

This should be up and running within two weeks. Has only taken me ONE YEAR to get it together. I am not what you could call a quick study. NEVER understood that expression.

As I did not want to check a piece of luggage, I packed very lightly indeed. All went into my extra-large LL Bean Boat and Tote:

One bright fushia poncho. As you can see, early morning on the terrace was cool and I was happy to have my poncho to throw on over my pyjamas. Such a versatile piece. I always have one with me wherever I go. Yes, even to Texas for my summer visit. The airconditioning is lethal in that state!!!

One bright orange cardigan. I love bright colored cashmere for the summer. Teaming this with a great pair of light weight wide legged jeans and a clean White T and I am as dressed up as I ever want to be.

One Pair of Pearl Earrings. This is new for me as I do not DO a lot of jewelry. However, as I have had this particular pair of earrings for about 18 years, I decided it is time to start enjoying them. They have been safe in my "hiding place" for too long. Time to make their presence known. Beach? Pearls? Why not?

So, here it is in a nutshell: two pieces of cashmere, two pairs of jeans (one blue - one white),

three white t-shirts and my tropezienne sandals. Next posting will be to show you my collection of Rondini sandals..........the original maker of the Tropezienne Gladiator Sandal. Still making them by hand in the back of their boutique. Open and making since 1927. I really think you will like these.

Back to Paris tomorrow. xx Linda