Just Call Me Texan

There is an old country western song that has a line that goes like this,

Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. I love country western music. It is so heartfelt. The lyrics are always very down to earth. Instantly, the meaning and the emotions are tangible. This reminds me of how I feel when I go back home. You must know I have spent the last 32 of my 63 years in Paris. I have an on-going love affaire with Paris. Yet, I realised on my trip home this last week, that I am definitely married and still in love with my Texas. Amazing that all this time has slipped away, and yet, when I return, it is as though I have never left.

I do not mind admitting that one of the best elements of Texas, are its cowboys. True cowboys in the best sense of that word. Hard working, honest and sincere. They prefer to live by the creed of good and honest and as they say, Walk It don't Talk It.

I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of these cowboys just last week. The young man with the black hat explained that he very often gets up at 4:00 to tend his horses and can return home very late in the evening. This is a what is called a real "working cowboy". His departing statement was "I would not have it any other way".

The gentleman I am admiring in the photo admitted that he was quite shy and blushed when given compliments. I told him he had been voted best looking cowboy of the week..........by me.

Well, boys, I love your hats, I love your jeans, I love your boots, and I just adore the way you place your thumbs in your jean's pocket. No Parisian man could pull off that look. It belongs strictly to you..........and so does my heart. This could be material for a good country western song!!!

Meanwhile, back in Paris and back in my boutique..........Funny How Time Slips Away...........

Many hugs to you all, Linda

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