Ave. Montaigne in my Black Mac

I have lunch everyday of the week at the same restaurant.....Hanawa......the best Japanese restaurant in Paris. Everyday I cross ave. Montaigne on my way to Hanawa from my boutique.

It is a lovely avenue.....tree lined and with the prettiest boutiques in town. I cross over at Harry Winston, pass by Nina Ricci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Dior and then turn the corner between Chloe and Chanel. There is also, Pucci, Gucci and Prada further up. Ralph Lauren and Marni further down. By the time I arrive at my table my head is full of beautiful images. These boutiques always have the most wonderful windows. Right now everything is turning to fall. There are gorgeous fall colors in rich textured fabrics. I noticed great neckaces for Dior thrown around the mannequins necks. The new Nina Ricci collection is so girly. Fendi has a new color selection in their Peek-a-Boo bag (this has been my obsession for a year now...still have not justified the puchase). Chanel boots in grey, chocolate and black. Silver and Bronz metallics for the 2.55 Chanel or otherwise known as the original Chanel. This week I will take pictures of the new fall windows for your viewing pleasure. You would like this, right?

My original reason for this post was to express my love for the raincoat I am wearing. Mackintosh still handmade in Scotland after a million years.......or something like that. I love my summer purchase of these Alaia suede and leopard sole shoes. Note the leopard lining in my Mac. I got matchy-matchy today.

Oh, and look at my necklace, girls. In fact I put three bracelets together and made this a necklace. Two silver link bracelets and my YSL shell bracelet from last summer. The YSL bracelet was not working on my wrist........too awkward for the computer. I am such a practical girl!!!

Another rainy weekend...........xx Linda

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