How to Wear Cashmere by the College Kids

Coming home from Capri was a lesson for me in how the younger generation throws on a cashmere. I LOVED seeing the Three in cashmere they have collected over the seasons from my shop. NOW, for me, this is what it is all about. Nope, not a new sweater from this season, but beautifully worn-in favorites from past seasons. Their appreciation for proper care-taking of their cashmere impressed me. As they are all three away in college, each one has their method for cleaning.....Isabelle and Tatiana hand wash and lay flat to dry.......Francois sends his to the cleaners. Crimson is proud to have them as customers.

Francois loves Crimson's cardies. He throws them on with his jeans and a t-shirt, but explained that for evenings out, with a great white oxford shirt, he feels dressed up.

Isabelle is wearing Crimson's cardigan with gros-grain trim around the neck and on the pockets. The scarf was her pick for the new Fall 2011 season. However, she mixed it well with her summer shorts.

Tatiana never leaves home without her hoodie. Must say even I get tired of seeing it morning, noon and night!!! Whatever........she LOVES it........and I LOVE her.......

My summer vacation with them is over and I just wanted to tell them how much I enjoyed being with them. Tatiana and I are leaving for NYC tomorrow and I will be driving her back to school at Smith in Massachusetts. Francois and Isabelle are packing up and leaving for their respective colleges in Boston. Guys, I love you and wish you a wonderful year at school....

For you, my readers, I will post from NYC .......Now, that Hurrican Irina has travelled on through........xxxxxxxx's Linda

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