Belgian Loafers Forever

My once best friend (we have recently had a falling out after 40 years.....saddest thing). Bon, O.K., back to the story at hand. One day we must discuss best friend business, though. I never believed the saying that "all good things must come to an end", but in this case it did. I miss her terribly, but she decided I was too bossy, and believe me, people, I thought I was just urging her forward. Oops, got off the subject again.........must concentrate here. In fact, it was and probably still is Betsy who is the princess of Belgian Loafers. If Betsy were a horse, she would have been born a thoroughbred. As it is, she is the epitome of a natural beauty and has an inborn sense of what is valuable in classic-chic dressing. About 30 years ago, I visited her lovely home in the Hamptons (yes, once again, how Chic). We were chatting in her lovely dressing area ( carpeted walk-in dressing of course). I immediately spotted her new pair of shoes, they were gold with silver piping and a delicious little black pattened bow on the front. As usual, Betsy was a step ahead of me. I had never heard of and or seen Belgian Loafers. They are very cult, my dears. There is but one boutique in the world and it is on the Upper East Side of NYC. They are entirely hand made in Belgium and are like putting a coat of the most luxurious cream around your feet. Yes, they feel that good! Betsy, over the years, always resquested them for her birthday, mother's day or Christmas. To say she has an incredible collection is an understatement. I have just added my fifth pair after this last trip to NYC.

I have a gold pair (exactly like Betsy's)

I have a brown leather pair with brown piping and brown bow

I have a brown suede pair with brown piping and brown bow

I have an apple green leather pair with hot pink piping and a pink bow

and my latest are the red ones with the navy piping and navy bow.

The beautiful caramel pair with black piping and black bow were requested from my friend Madame B. I promised to bring her back a pair from the shop. Not too much of a risk as they are all beautiful. Have a look for yourself on their web site. If you should want to visit the shop, be careful as they are closed on saturday. You know anybody who is anybody goes to the countryside or seaside for the weekend, hence no decent clientel on the weekends....

Personally, I just hang around and wait for them to open on Monday!!!

This will be my last post from New York. Back in Paris and working on those fall windows. That is the next post. Promise!!!

Uh, by the way, special thanks to Betsy (my ex-best friend forever) for the inspiration she has given to me for all these years. My message to you, Betsy, and for all you deserving girls out there:

You are beautiful, and whatever you do, DO NOT let a man tell you any different.

All my love, Linda

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