Rainy Day In NYC

This is going to be a simple story. See those low hanging clouds over NYC? Guess what happened next?

I started the day in my lovely pearl grey ballet shoes from J. Crew. It started pouring rain, and I ran into the nearest "cool" store (Barney's on Madison) and purchased myself a pair of these fabulous Hunter Wellington rubber boots. No need to tell you that my pretty ballerinas were soaked and may never recover. The strange thing is that every other girl in NYC seemed to be wearing "Wellies" from the start of the day. Where was I when they announced rain? If you need to buy a pair of rain boots, these are the ones. They have been around for a hundred years (slight exageration), but have made a huge come back since Kate Moss was photographed wearing them with a mini skirt during a rock concert on some lovely English Island.........

Meanwhile, it is my last day on the Island of Manhattan and I have some serious shopping to do. Show you my favorite shops next post...........then back to Paris and those fall windows I promised. I DO NOT forget a promise.

All love from America, Linda

P.S. Want to laugh? I do not know why in the hell this is printing in blue!!! Too late to call for counseling, so you are getting the ending in blue. Hope you like it, because I have no idea how to change it for the moment. Hopefully will find someone to correct my problem for the next post...........I am not only lactose intolerant but technically ignorant, too.......That makes no sense what I just said. Think I will turn off the light and try to sleep!!!

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