What a Choice!!!

Coco Chanel famously said, "If fashion does not make it to the streets, it is not fashion". This is what is printed on the face of this model now showing in a Chanel window in Paris.

One of my favorite streets in the Marais. Not a lot of fashion in the street on this day!!!

Nina Ricci is one my faves these days.

Erin Wasson, a top Model from Texas, is another one of my faves.

I immediately think of my daughters when seeing this window. However, I could throw that jacket on with a pair of jeans or a great sweater and skirt. Put on some ankle boots and I am out the door. Yea, do not ask me where I am going.......

Valentino is doing incredible designing these days for daughters and mothers. I just bought a great pair of shoes. Blush and grey patent leather with metallic studs on the straps. (DO SEE the picture above for the "studs")

Dior is pretty as a picture........lots of feminin and floaty dresses this fall. However, girls, grab a coat to go over them, right?

Loving all these touches of red. Kinda perks up the day.

Oh la la Lanvin.

Prada seems to always surprise us in a good way.

Does it get any better than these Chanel bags. I LOVE the silver metalic one.

Now, if I stop eating lunch everyday at my expensive sushi restaurant, I might could budget for a pair of these Roger Vivier suede flats. It will take about a month. I think I can discipline myself..........Nah, who am I trying to kid. It will never happen. Hanawa is my habit.....

I am not giving it up. Roger Vivier shoes will just have to be a lust after but not attainable item for this year. Half the fun of having is the desire, anyway. I just made that up, and I find it to be really intelligent, no? Yea, right, I am just getting carried away now.

So, hope your enjoyed these windows. I never get tired of window shopping. Do you?

Loads of love to you all, Linda

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