Anne Charlotte - Crimson's Golden Girl

You know how somone can just brighten your day? Anne Charlotte can do that....she is magical. Strangest thing happens when she walks into the boutique. All of a sudden, there is more light than before. Yes, the girl gives off a golden glow just by her presence.

Personally, I am in awe of her. Everything about her is just fresh and pretty. Most important of all is her incredibly positive and joyous attitude.

When Anne Charlotte walked in today, I noticed she was wearing one of Crimson's new cashmere cardies. I asked if I could take her picture.......I got a "Sure" right away. She walked outside, gave me a beautiful smile and made no big deal of it. And yes, she is Good as Gold.

She makes living seem so simple. She is truly a breath of fresh air for all of us at Crimson.

I hope you all have an Anne Charlotte in your day.

Matia Baroni1 Comment