Barbour, Marni, Capri et Mes Filles = My Look for the Day

I love my Barbour. It's like a friend. We've been through everything together. I bought one for myself and one for Tatiana when she was off to Scotland for summer school at St. Andrew's. Remember St. Andrew's? That is where Prince William and Kate Middleton met. Let me tell you right now that Tatiana never put hers on. That was five years ago, but she has just requested that I send it to her. I'm thinking she has just realised it is totally cool or just convenient for the cool rainy climate in Massachusetts. Either way, I am just happy she will be wearing it........Shipping it UPS on monday before she changes her mind.

I put a personal touch on my Barbour by adding some brooches from an old Marni collection. I just had a flash.......Haven't I seen the Queen of England wearing a Barbour with that silk scarf she always ties perfectly around her head? I will check that out on-line as soon as we are through talking here. You do the same and get back to me on that. O.K?

My scarf is a recent purchase thanks to my friend, Kadri. This gentleman sells these wonderful cashmere scarves that are made 100% in Kashmire. Meaning that the raw material is cleaned and woven then cut and given to an individual to put his or her personal touch by doing all of the design and embroidery themselves. Kadri explained to me that the entire process can take from 6 to 12 months. Kashmire is reputed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit. With patience and prayers and maybe some divine intervention, maybe the politics will settle one day for a long desired visit.

Cable knit sweaters are something I have always loved. The textures and great colors are what keep me always wanting more. My daughters decided this year they wanted to design one for my shop. They have done what I consider a younger take on this classic. I love it and it seems my customers do, also. It is a little closer fit to the body than normal and a bit longer in length. Great idea as it can easily be tucked into a pair of low-cut jeans without any worry. They had a color palette of about 100 colors to chose from, but had the possiblity of only choosing 8 colors for production purposes. Once again, I agree whole heartedly with their choices: winter white, oatmeal, dark chocolate, navy blue, heather grey, black, plum and bubble gum pink.

Oh yes, about that last picture. Had breakfast (as always on sunday) at Rose Bakery. I had this wonderful fruit salad with fresh mango, pineapple, thinly sliced apples and a little fresh coconut sprinkled on top.

What a wonderful day!!!

P.S. I almost forgot!!! I found these earrings in Capri this summer. They represent the sun and the moon. I have also found the designer who lives and works in Rome. My thought is to convince her to let me sell them in my shop. They come in various stones and colors. I will get back to you on this project. Anybody interested?

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