Saturday in the City

O.K. Now, how can I put this? What is most important to me when I am putting the key in the door to leave my apartment for the day, is to feel at ease with myself. That starts with what I eat and drink for breakfast, it has to do with what I want to accomplish for the day and it has to do with what I am wearing. I will spare you too many details as I want you all to be awake at the end of this little spur of the minute blog post!!!

(A) Green tea and fresh fruit salad or a great breakfast cereal with soy milk is what I need for maximum energy to start my day. More than this makes me feel tired. Horrible feeling when the day is just beginning.

(B) Work wise I am a fortunate individual as I love the daily running of Crimson. Obviously, it is hard work, because it involves constant evolution of a new product in the way of shape and/or color. Urgent for the next few days is overhauling my website. I realise how many mistakes I have made and they must be corrected asap. RDV with my website master next week. Also, looking for some talented young person to help me with a new format for my blog.

My daughter, India, tells me my blog just is not very inviting in its current structure.

As India has a very successful am taking her word for it. So, within the next month, hopefully, my blog will take on a new and more inviting persona.

C) Even as a little girl growing up in Big Spring, Texas (not a fashion capital of the world) it was important to me that I felt good about what I was wearing. I could never borrow clothes or buy something that did not feel like me. I know right away if a person owns their look. For me this is personal style. It does not have to be new or sophisticated and even what everyone else is wearing that season. Your clothes need to make you feel comfortable with yourself and that power is yours and yours alone. So, enjoy it. It belongs to you.

Look for the day:

My coat is something I sell in my shop. It was conceived by two young Italian girls who have taken over their grandmother's factory. The brand is called Maria La Rosa. Hand-woven fabrics made into purses and coats. These girls are breathing fresh air into this 3rd generation family owned business. Look on line for their beautiful socks, also.

The cable knit sweater is a new item my two daughters designed for my shop. Comes in bubble gum pink, purple, oatmeal, chocolat, flannel grey, navy and black.

Heavy cotton navy pant is from Vanessa Bruno

Old chocolate suede jodphur boots from Hermes

Go out and make yourselves a brilliant day..........give yourself the power.

All love, Linda

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