Who's That Girl?

The question I ask myself is Who Is This Girl?

She was standing on the street in front of my boutique this week and she caught my eye. I instantly regretted not having my camera with me. When I returned to my shop 10 minutes later, she was still there. I ran in, grabbed my camera and ran out to see if she was willling to have her picture taken. Love the way destiny just puts itself in your way when you are least expecting it.

Kristina is a mere 22 years of age and is a marketing student in Paris. I would say her style speaks for itself. She is so naturally classy!!! That blazer, that scarf, those pretty and delicate rings. Just like Kristina........pretty and delicate. Personally, I think she looks like a young ingenue waiting for the right movie director to come along.

Kristina, whatever you decide to do in life, don't change a thing . You get my Oscar for your

owning personal style. This is what I have been talking about.......

Now, you all have a wonderful weekend. You know I love you.

Bisous, bisou, Linda

Matia Baroni1 Comment