Girls and The Boys Sweaters

Not always easy to carry off the wearing of a man's sweater. What always seems to work is when it is contrasted with something either very feminin or when accompanying the oversized with something smaller in proportion.

India and Tatiana gravitate quite often to choosing something from the men's collection in my shop. I loved seeing how Tatiana threw her man's cardie over her floral dress and India putting her man's v-neck over a slim skirt. Strange phenomenon about enjoying the comfort of a piece of men's clothing. I think we could do a social study on this, but for simplicity's sake let's just go with the idea that we look laid back and cool and feeling good in our skin.

Tatiana's dress from Topshop in London

Bag is a Mini Peek-a-Boo from Fendi that I actually bought for myself this summer in St. Tropez. Tats loved it so much and in the end, I felt like the size was easier for her. So she won!!!

India's skirt from Helmut Lang in NYC

India's bag is a Maxi Proenza Schouler that is great for carrying her camera. As she is constantly taking pictures for her own blog...........indiasinsights..........and she needs something oversized.

Both are wearing good ole' Rayban sunglasses.

Thank you both for the fabulous four days we spent together in Miami. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving.

See you in Paris for Christmas. Love you, Mom

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