Going, Going, Gone Grey

Yes, I was a little shocked when I saw the outcome of these pictures that India took of me on the beach yesterday. There is no more denying it. Yes, I have become a grey-haired lady.

You may think me crazy, but honestly, I am loving it. Yes, I did say loving it. I feel healthy and happy. No pretending that they are not there, no more worrying that it is about that time to call my colorist. I miss him and will send a Christmas card.

Next question is this. Can I still pull off these Liberty Print shorts? I brought them along on this vacation not knowing if I would have the courage to actually put them on. They are from my last spring/summer collection chez Crimson. Weather elements gave me the perfect opportunity.While it is definitely sunny in Miami, the beach can be a tad cool when the clouds roll in. Hence, shorts and a sweater. Crimson's ladies crew neck is one of my all time favorites. With the new knitting process I have just done, it is now woven more loosely which gives it a lighter and more softer feel on the body. So, the situation was there, and I took advantage. However, the question still remains. Are these particular shorts age appropriate?

My vote is still out, but India and Tatiana told me they thought I looked pretty. Now, that my dear friends, gave me confidence and put a smile on my face.

I am a firm believer that one must make errors in order to advance. I am so far ahead by now!!!

Lots of xxxxx's Linda

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