Lolita la Parisienne

I actually met Lolita in my everyday lunch place. She comes quite often with her mom. She is just the kind of girl that catches your eye. She has something that makes you watch her. She has style to beat all style. Individual style.......nothing you see in the magazines, nothing you see in the windows of shops and nothing you see in the streets. Words to define her? Fashionably contemporary, fresh, pretty, and unexpected. There is always something she has done that makes you think, WOW, why didn't I think of that. Don't worry.......nobody would have thought of it except Lolita. And she always makes it look like Easy Chic.......

Do not know what got into me when I just walked up to her in the restaurant and proposed that she style, direct and model in the next addition to my web-site. Have you ever met anyone that just inspires confidence. Lolita has had that affect on me. I gave her the project. She decided on a film in her favorite places in Paris. She has even found the music. An old song sung by Jeanne Moreau. I will be having a sneak preview tomorrow. Cannot wait. Meanwhile, I am hoping these few photos that I managed to take will give you reason to look forward to the next chapter of Crimson-Cashmere.Com

Promise it will be pretty. Thanks to Lolita.

Matia Baroni3 Comments