Ponchos and Wrinkled Necks

First things first. All time best seller in my shop = PONCHO.

It is something I use on a daily basis just like creams for my face.

A bare necessity, girlfriends.

I usually stock about 20 colors including the basics of black, grey, white, navy blue and then dreamy colors. These can include turquoise, fuschia, lime green, purple, lavender, french mustard (re: photo), pale blue, pale pink, stone or light beige, khaki, dark bronz and it goes on and on. My sales assistants get nuts trying to place them all in the shop. There are several different ways it can be worn depending on the coolness of the weather factor. Honestly, too difficult to put into words, so be patient and probably within the next two weeks, there will actually be a video showing all the different possibilities. I travel with two in my carry-on. Summer air-conditioning too much for you? .....put on a poncho. Cool days or evenings.....put on a poncho. And yes, of course, it looks pretty even over a floaty little dress. When I go home to Texas in the summer, I use one for going to the movies, the shopping centers and do not get me started on food shopping (frozen food section!!!), oh, and of course the museums and other cultural endeavors.

Enough about the poncho. I want to talk with you about my neck. Yes, it is a problem, so listen up. Those miracle creams I have been buying over the last 20 years have just not done the trick so to say. If you will be so kind as to refer to the second picture now, please. See my hand up around the neck area? Well, I wanted to cover up the problem area. Modeling trick, right? Except I do not want to cover up my neck wrinkles anymore than I want to cover up my grey hair. This is getting tough, huh, ladies. More and More of a challenge. You understand by now that I am trying to live with ME. Self acceptance is not all that easy. It takes earnest work and humbling oneself to oneself, really. This is all making sense I hope. It is late here in Miami and my girls are on their respective planes heading back to their respective responsabilities. Yes, leaving Mom to reflect upon these last few glorious days we had together and those Four pair of Juicy Couture pants I bought and must find room for in my luggage tomorrow.

After Thanksgiving, pre-holiday sales were on and I went for FOUR. 30% off plus the euro vs. dollar exchange made me do it.....no discipline here.

See, earnest work. Took my mind right off those neck wrinkles. I bought turqoise, orange, navy blue and charcoal grey. Much better investment than neck creams.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight. Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite. That's what we say in Texas.

Matia Baroni4 Comments