Pyjama Party at the Setai

Do you love J. Crew as much as I love J. Crew? If you do then you should go to your local boutique and pick up one of these fabulous silk pj tops. Great over a slim pant or even tucking into a baggy jean. I found mine while in Miami and wore it with pleasure as a swimsuit cover-up. As you can see, it was still cool around the pool, so I threw one of my v-neck cardies over it. This one is the same color as the poncho in the last posting. French Mustard. In Paris, I wear the Poncho over the sweater and make it my modern twin set. I loved the print on this one. Reminds me of a beautiful silk men's tie. This one is in navy and old gold or French Mustard as I am calling it these days. Piping is perfect around the pocket. You could just pull it up on-line. However, you had probably already thought of that. I also bought a pair of blue end on end cotton pj's. These have been feminized a bit from the men's standard. Different collar and a cute cut. NOW, don't panic, but I saw a picture of a girl the other day wearing white cotton pj's with navy piping , great pearl necklace and pretty sandals. Well, yea, I might try it come summer. Maybe not in Paris but.....well, we'll see.

More Miami postings this week even though I returned to Paris just today. I must show you my girls in their ponchos while in Miami. They look so cute. They are going to kill me when they see I put the picture on this blog. Shhh, don't tell. They might not notice. They are so busy they do not read my blog. So, they will never know.

Jet-lagged but terribly content to have spent time in the US of A.

Lots of xxxxx's Linda

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