To Try Them is to Love Them

How many pairs of Juicy Couture's do I have? Oh, not nearly enough!!!

I just cannot help myself. They are a collectible item. You never know when they will stop producing them, right? I have had these in hiding for awhile. When I bought them last summer in Texas, I knew they would have their moment. The color is just the right mix of pale pink, peach and salmon. So perfect for the beach in Miami on this trip. I have spotted a Juicy Couture boutique about a 10 minute taxi ride from my hotel. I have convinced myself that I need a pair of black or charcoal grey to wear on the plane back to Paris with my black crew neck cashmere. I can be warm and feel quite cosy while trying to sleep on that -20° temperature plane. Why do they insist on keeping them so cold!!! Back to the story line, sorry!!!

I NEVER buy the matching hoodies. In this picture I teamed them with a great heavy cotton t-shirt from 45RPM (they make the best t's) and a man's modal and cashmere scarf from Crimson.Wearing them with sweaters of any shape works quite well, also. So, go out and get yourselves a pair, ladies. Promise you will be addicted.

IN closing, I just wanted to say thank you, girls, for those positive comments on my last post. Seriously does help the soul hearing those kind words. I so hope that I help your day be just a bit brighter with my nonsense. Nonsense is necessary. No?

Tons of hugs from Miami, Linda

Matia Baroni3 Comments