Girls and Their Bijoux or Girls and Their Jewelry

O.K. this is not about Miami even if the pictures were taken in Miami. It is about jewelry items that I like. Just bear with me because sometimes I get carried away about really unimportant things. Somehow makes the weight of the world seem a little lighter. I like THAT.

So for the nonsense on a friday night. Ready?

Picture Number One: Not an original idea. All credit goes to Garance Dore. I love looking at her blog. My favorite of all favorites. She takes wonderful pictures and writes with great wit and fun. I am a fan. A few months ago she posted a picture with a young lady wearing tiny delicate rings just like India in the picture and one being the Oui ring from Dior. Well, I aspired to have the Dior Oui ring. As the createur of Dior jewelry (Victoire de Castellane) is a client of mine I asked her why the Oui?

She replied simply that it was meant to say Oui Pour La Vie or in english Yes, TO Life.

Her thoughts are that by wearing this ring, we are saying yes and being positive. I immediately decided that there was no age limit for this, so I bought it for myself. I enjoyed wearing the ring for a few weeks, but when India asked to borrow it, I immediately knew she must keep it. I loved looking at it more on her hands. Also, hope the message brings her tons of positivity.

Picture Number Two: Several bracelets, several styles and all mixed up. Tatiana is wearing the Cartier Love bracelet that she received for her graduation from high school. Mixed with this are some of Isabel Marrant's pieces (the fake turqoise and fake coral) that I purchased at the press sales. I was so proud, girls, as I paid 10 euros for each piece. See? I know how to shop for bargains. Last but not least is a silver skull on black ebony beads bracelet from Luis Morais. He is another favorite for me and the girls. Get on line to see his wonderful collection of jewelry. He is based in Miami. I first discovered him at Colette in Paris. THE best place to shop in Paris.

I never seem to get tired of wearing bits and pieces of jewelry. Mixing and matching expensive to-keep forever pieces and very inexpensive pieces that are just a very fun accessory. So, that is the end of my friday night nonsense.

Have a good weekend. L

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