Greys and Beiges for the Beach

I guess we could say Miami was my Grey and Beige period. I did not plan this believe me. Was not even aware it was happening. Now that I am editing my pictures to see what I would like to show you, I realize there is a certain theme of colors I was working with. My ex-husband once told me that my favorite color was beige. It took me by surprise, because I never considered beige to be a real color and colors are my business. Live and Learn and sometimes Listen.

So, I am formally admitting he could have been right. Somehow wearing beige is like preparing yourself for a surprise. The surprise being what else you throw on with it.

Like Pot Luck in cooking, no? With good ingredients, you cannot go wrong. What do I mean by good ingredients? Let's see now. Hmm.....a great black pant, a beautiful grey pant, a chic navy blue pant, and oh, a cool khaki pant and do not forget a pretty white pant. So far so good? Now, you can also get more creative and pair the beige with some pretty colors.......lime, fushia, purple, orange. You getting my point by now. Beige is like a blank canvas for artists. Now go out there and create a look made to measure just for you.

Am I crazy to think I chose the Setai Hotel in Miami just for their colors? Maybe I did it unconciously. Nevermind. I could have stayed on forever. The grey and beige decor was in pefect harmony with the sandy beaches, beautiful shells, and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Last of my Miami posts, sweethearts. Gotta move on at some point.

Matia Baroni1 Comment