India in Marrakech

Holidays in Marrakech. Yes, with my girls!!! We have all three been to Marrakech before, but never together. So, I will document.....maybe too bold a statment. Hence, I will take pictures and hopefully, you will all keep me, India and Tatiana company during this last week before the New Year.

I have been trying to ignore the new pool fashion passage. Thinking it would go away and everyone would get back to pareos and Havaiana flip flops. You must understand that I have been collecting pareos on every island from every country I have visited over the last 20 years. Not to mention my new metallic Havaiana flip-flops. I bought both gold and silver. I felt proud when I was packing them. BOTH colors. I could not go wrong.

Wrong I was. Marrakech is meant for long fluid floaty cover-ups. I have used this expression before, but Marrakech is BOHEMIAN CHIC. Example personafied in India's choice of poolside wear today. What was I thinking!!! Guess who is going to the souk to look for new pool looks this afternoon? As IF I needed an excuse to go shopping in the souks of Marrakech. Oh, Please.

Thinking of you Madame B.

My love to all, Linda

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