Isabelle - How Does She Do It?

For those who follow my blog a tad bit, you might remember Isabelle reigning over my post from Capri this past summer. She has been my daughter Tatiana's bestest of best friends for 16 out of their 19 years. The title of my blog is How Does She Do It? Seriously that is my question. I have been watching her every year for the last 16 years myself. The girl is golden.

I love her for sure, but I am somewhat objective, still. Thanks to my own two young ladies, I have had the pleasure and priviledge of seeing so many young girls grow into young adults. Isabelle has eased so gracefully into that roll.

Not to underestimate her parents, because they are lovely people, but this is a girl who truly looks after herself. Her hair glows, her face glows, her teeth glow and yes, her eyes glow. She grooms herself. Call me old fashioned, but the results are so refreshing to behold. I never have to worry that Isabelle will turn up for a visit not looking as though she just stepped out of the shower. Let me repeat myself, folks. It is totally refreshing.

Oh, and another thing about Isabelle. She smiles and she says Hello and Goodbye and Thank You. Hey, let's face it, more and more of this generation's young adults seem to find that not necessary. What The Hell...........Isabelle still manages to do it.........So, just ask her how she does it. Never too late to learn a good thing.

Just call me Pathetic in Paris, but I still like pretty manners.

Matia BaroniComment